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In Memory

The Origins of My Family

My maternal grandparents: Mosty u Jablunkova: My paternal grandparents: Teréz & Jonás Schwarcz
Laura, Oly, Gerti & Natan Altmann Grandpa Altmann's house Shortly after their wedding In 1927 (4 years before my birth)
Olga (Oly) née Altmann & Felix (Felek) Herbst: Georgie Herbst: Mosty u Jablunkova - Memorial for the Concentration camp victims
My mother's sister and husband My cousin O. Altmann's name is at the bottom of the extreme right-side column
Heini Schwarcz: Pável Schwarcz: Memento from Nové Zámky:
My uncle in his captain's uniform My other uncle Aunt Bözsi, Évi, Grandma & me
Gerti & Zoltán Schwarcz: My Father: My Mother:
My parents' wedding picture Deceased in 1985 at the age of 89 Deceased in 1996 at the age of 86