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Our Family
Our Wedding: Margalith & me: Us again: Liora's Wedding:
Were not we young? At the entrance of our sweet little home Having good time together Yoav, Margalith, Lior, Liora, my Mother, me, Galia and Margalith's brother Sally

Galia's wedding: Adi and Yoav: Gil: Tomer Eyal:
Lior, Alon, Galia, Margalith, me, Yoav holding Tomer, Liora Wed on September 2007 8 years old, with his cousin Tal 16 years old 13 years old, with his brother Tomer
Tomer, Tal, Shai and Gil: Galia and the girls: Tal: Shay: Four of our grandchildren:
With their Dutch cousins, Zamaya and Anaiza On Purim 12 and half years old 11 years old Tal, Tomer, Shai and Eyal

The Shachams : The Shachams again : September 2010 Our three children:
In our living room (without our sons-in-law) On my 75th birthday With members of our Dutch family November 2007